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The next notable issues appear in the late s and early s, with the irrepressible Kirby and Ditko called upon to create 'monster attack' style suspense stories. ST 75 Iron Man Prototype.

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ST 79 Doctor Strange Tryout. The Iron Man movie of shows Fin Fang Foom in a post-credits sequence, leading to strong rumor that the monster will make a "real" movie appearance in the future. Possibly in the 4th Iron Man movie. True to most Marvel series of the era, there were annuals published to cash in on the Christmas market.

The first was a series of reprints of earlier issues, and is not especially vaulable, but see below for the second, which is an early Spider-Man appearance. Perhaps an unlikely first appearance issue, but ST 97 sees the relatives of Peter Parker appear for the first time. A few issues later, the series would become a superhero comic book for the rest of its run, with the iconic and under-valued ST When Fantastic Four 1 was first published in , it changed the course of the superhero genre forever.

Strange Tales: Secret Space Program "Whistleblower" Corey Goode

Paste-Pot Pete is an obscure and ridiculous s Marvel supervillain who uses his super sticky glue to commit crimes. This issue is interesting for a few reasons — firstly, it loosely follows the events of Fantastic Four 4 in which Johnny quits. Stephen Strange into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the hearts of comic buyers everywhere.

A CGC 9. This issue begins the long running gag of Johnny suddenly flying off for adventure while Doris is left behind. ST is one of the most important Marvel comics of all time, re-introducing the world to Captain America. While he seems to be the legit Captain at first, by the end of the story, it is revealed Acrobat was impersonating the Golden Age hero. Doc Strange returns for a third appearance in ST , becoming a permanent fixture of the comic. ST Annual 2 4th Spider-Man appearance and first crossover.

Spider-Man collectors can't complete their run without a copy of this annual. Published in , it is the 4th ever appearance of Peter Parker. Making a rare cameo outside of their own comic is the Uncanny X-Men! Because of the X-Men appearance, which happens only a few months after their debut in X-Men 1 September , ST is quite valuable and a worthwhile investment. After several months of dry spells, ST introduces us to two important Doctor Strange characters — Dormammu and Clea.

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This issue also contains the highly coveted Doctor Strange pin-up. Make sure it's present when you buy a copy.

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Nick Fury made his first appearance in Sgt. After being discharged, Fury joins the S.

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See our War Comics price guide for more appearances. Eternity is an important figure in Doctor Strange and the Marvel Universe, often guiding the actions of mystical beings. Most of these later Strange Tales issues are important for the continuing development of Doctor Strange. The evil mystic Kaluu, a contemporary of the Ancient One, makes his first appearance, beginning a new story arc.

Umar makes many appearances throughout the Marvel Universe, especially in the s Defenders series. Nick Fury and Doctor Strange sharing a comic never really made much sense from a genre standpoint.

This first appearance of BV drives the value up for hardcore collectors. Now that Gamora is an important part of the MCU, the value of the comic has appreciated in value. Nice mid-grade copies of a lovely run of this title. As always, consult our catalogue for full listings. Leading off this week, from Ace Comics, a company best remembered for horror and romance titles, came this four-issue series which played into Cold War paranoia.

BIZARRE BASEBALL CULTURE: Strange Tales #36 “The Discovery”

More than ever today, only a strong America can prevent this from becoming a reality! More Atomic Sci-Fi coming soon! Rapidly being discovered to be misguided, he was offered membership the next issue, in one of the most rapid reforms ever, and became a mainstay of the Avengers and the MU in general. The package comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from Alan Class himself. The comic is GD, with light to moderate spine and edge wear, but an unimpeded central cover scene. The plates are equivalent to FN. Almost never seen for sale — we ourselves have only previously in recent times had the issue in stock — we are delighted to have all three available.

We have a new selection of 30 numbers ranging from to , in exceptional grades, averaging FN and with many of them in shiny VF. One of our regular visitors pops in to cast an eye over one of our new additions…. This prolific author, noted for his wit and humour, wrote for film and TV and collaborated with others such as Roger Zelazny and Harry Harrison, but is probably best remembered for his short stories and novels published in the s and 60s. This solid mid-grade copy has great colour and eye appeal; tight and flat and firmly attached at staples.

It has a little spine wear commensurate with this grade, some pressure marks on the cover and a very faint, barely perceptible trace of a subscription crease.

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The final book, Time In Advance, consists of four longer stories, all fizzing with ideas and energy. Due to maintenance work in our basement on Wednesday 24th July, we regret that there will no public access to our more modern American stock, the vast majority of our British stock and other categories on display in our basement area on that date. We should be back to normal by lunchtime on Thursday 25th July. Tight and flat with sharp corners and vivid red background with no fading.

Swamp Thing 1 introduced biologist Alec Holland, who, in a series of unfortunate events, became transmuted into the eponymous muck-monster.

The Strange Tale of Vilano Beach

The Silver Age revival of Hawkman featured Katar and Shayera Hol, married police officers from planet Thanagar sent to study Earth, resulting in derring-do all over Earth and on other worlds. Wrapping it up, we have Secret Origins, the reprint series that, well, does what it says on the tin! Staples still firm at cover and centrefold, interior pages off-white and unmarked. No, the hoo and the hah this time is for the Marie Severin illustrated Doctor Strange co-feature, and more specifically for the Living Tribunal, a cosmic entity whose power outstrips the Watcher and may even match that of Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet!

These non-distributed early issues are particularly scarce in the UK, and these are lovely mid-high grade copies, all, obviously, cents editions without pence pricing. Hulk Dog, the Hulkmobile, Planet Hulk? But intermittently chartreuse lawyer Jen Walters has gone on to become one of the most enduring and endearing characters in the Marvel Universe, with creators such as John Byrne and Dan Slott providing charm, wit and mostly intelligent humour in her own series and during tenures with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

Nebula, later incarnated on the silver screen by Karen Gillan. Full details as always in our catalogue.