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Hilo, Hawaii. Hiroshima, Japan. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Hobart, Tasmania. Holyhead, Wales. It is a fine recital intended to dispel the myth that Latin musicians could only perform strictly Latin music. Barretto wanted to assemble Puerto Rican musician for a date of standards demonstrating that he could recreate the old Blue Note sound.

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The cheeky disc title effectively promotes Barretto's vision. This is not a recording of jazz standards with a Latin flavor. In fact, perhaps the only thing Latin about this recording, besides the musicians, is the presence of Barretto's smoky congas. Despite heritage, the group produces a perfectly nostalgic blowing session that could have been captured in Rudy Van Gelder's parent's legendary living room. Using "standards" in the title may be a bit of misnomer as Barretto didn't choose any worn out songs.

This is beautifully natural and spontaneous music.

Zoho Music: Latin Jazz, New York City Style

The instrument is the harmonica and the master is Toot Theilemans. The German Meurkens, like the Belgian Theilemans, doubles on a second instrument, in Meurkens' case, the vibraphone. However, Meurkens lives in no one's shadow, not even Theilemans'. His harmonica playing is highly ornamented and carefully sculpted. But it is his harmonica that is truly stunning. The listener can only marvel at Meurkens' virtuosity demonstrated at the end of "Bolero Para Paquito, and that is only one example.

However, the disc is not all Meurkens. His pianist Helio Alves more than holds his own while steering the quintet. Meurkens' rhythm section finishes out an exceptional band. The crowd was enthusiastic and the band was hot. While Meurkens is no newcomer, he certainly demands greater attention. Let us hope for many more recordings like this one. Following a visit to Buenos Aires after a 25 year absence, Aslan returned with a rejuvenated interest in viewing the traditional tango through a jazz lens. This is not a new approach to tango interpretation, to be sure.

But Aslan's approach and, specifically, his results, are basic to the point of austerity.

Paquito D'Rivera - Bruselas en lluvia (Bolero) - transcription

This infuses the music with its humidly earthy essence, one perfectly suited to tango. Alsan opens the disc with a wonderfully dry arco introduction to Astor Piazzolla's "La Cachila, steering his band through a dizzying number of tango time changes and instrumental interludes.

Uniformly fine throughout is pianist Abel Rogantini, who perfectly tows the tango line for all. Start your music shopping from All About Jazz and you'll support us in the process. Learn how. Membership has its privileges. The diversity and broad range of featured artists on these two albums revealed the persistent overlaps between musical traditions and techniques that continued to link the traditional music of the presumptive past to the innovative new sounds of the s.

They reveal instead a cosmopolitan Cuban musical landscape in which styles from different periods coexist with ease and remain relevant, both as distinct sounds and in dialogue with one another, bringing together a dynamic community of musicians of all levels and styles, old and young, on and off the island.

In the s, the genre of Latin jazz also reached new heights of popularity. The s witnessed the epoch-making appearance of the talent-filled band Irakere, along with other formidable musicians like trombonist Juan Pablo Torres and pianist Emiliano Salvador. He also made several extended trips to New York. During these sojourns he performed as a soloist or as the leader of small ensembles, playing on college campuses and at music halls and jazz festivals, including the Hollywood Playboy Festival.

In Havana, the Latin jazz scene benefitted immensely from his international success, which gave the Havana Jazz Plaza festival a much needed boost in both visibility and attendance. Despite this, in keeping with the porous boundaries that have long characterized the Cuban music scene, the Havana festival has since its inception been notably successful in bringing together mainstream jazz and Latin jazz artists with fellow performers from local dance bands.

The festival had also boasted a stellar record of invited performers. In , trumpeter Roy Hargrove and saxophonist Steve Coleman also participated in the event.