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No time to respond, not while her magic lifted me, sent me forward, toward the gap in the veil, through it—.

Sassafras: A Hayle Coven Universe Novel

My new body fell, landed hard on cold, wet gravel, the light from the veil shining one more moment. It snapped shut behind me, leaving me alone in the cold dark. Forced into the body of a silver Persian, his power taken from him, he is dumped in the dark streets of Victorian London and left to die.

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Rescued by a young witch and integrated into her family, Sassafras finds purpose at last, guiding and loving the Hayle family, sharing his heart with the remarkable coven he claims as his own. I didn't remember it being this heavy when I loaded it into the twin's car only seven hours ago. Seven long and painful hours. I forced a smile as Esther and Estelle stepped up onto the curb, matching prim skirts and twin sets as much their uniform as their very comfortable looking shoes. They didn't smile back, but through my connection to them from the family magic, I was sure their flat expressions had nothing to do with how they felt about me.

ISBN 13: 9781927464601

Pretty sure. Summer is over, and Syd is finally off to Harvard to take her witch training, leaving things back in Wilding Springs in her grandmother's crazy but capable hands. The rush of excitement about her new beginning is quickly doused when Syd stumbles on a secret club taking advantage of normal students, including her friend Simon.

The Hayle Coven Novels, no. 7

An unhappy roommate, troubles with Quaid and his Enforcer friends and Liam's sudden protectiveness makes it hard for Syd to fit in, let alone get to the bottom of what's happening on campus. If only her Council Leader mother would listen I am an award-winning young adult author with a passion for the paranormal.

Now with over fifty books in happy publication, I live in on the east coast of Canada with my patient husband and six massive cats. I even go to bed at night thinking about Sydlynn and all the things she endures.

First Plane The Hayle Coven Novels Volume 10

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