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Nothing about his photograph suggested dwarfism, but clearly something was amiss. They often have anomalous heights under three feet, a glitch that owes itself to an apparent technical flaw. They tend to go by perplexingly vanilla names — Herbert, Everett, Edmund, Arden — that carry no hint, or threat, of exoticism. These profiles are outfitted with photos of men who resemble Herbert. The photos are run-of-the-mill mirror selfies.

Arts Spectacle

They are usually scantily clad, wearing boxer briefs and little else, and their torsos remain the focus of the images. They are white. The bots talk to me as if I were white. Spambots are curious bits of software. Spam, by principle, takes something inherently unwanted and multiplies it; a bot connotes a certain semblance of intelligence and order.

The spambot is the lovechild of these two principles, an ungainly hybrid of automated disagreeability. On Grindr, this manifests as a generic, seemingly nonthreatening hotness. Few users, after all, would see such delicately sculpted torsos and ascribe horror to them.

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This makes them resemble countless other sentient men on the app. It grants them a momentarily plausible camouflage. The threat the spambots pose is presumed to disappear in some lowest common denominator of whiteness. But regardless of their ultimate aims, these spambots tend to work the same. When they initiate conversations, the language they speak is restrained and economical, lacking much in the way of punctuation and confined to lowercase. They will message anyone. Grindr is known for enabling some undesirable tendencies within the gay community to flourish without consequence: It is a platform where casual racism is part of common parlance.

But such arguments collapse upon closer inspection. Against this backdrop, spambots seem to flirt with the possibility of neutralizing those standards for gay men of color like me. Spambots elude the defenses of both systems Grindr and people users. Married and divorced three times, Salyers now helps run a fruit and vegetable stand with her boyfriend, but it doesn't generate much income. They live mostly off government disability checks.

Up to three devices can be paired to the Mini Jambox at once. But iOS and Android users get a bonus: the new Jawbone app. In addition to letting users remotely control the Jambox's options, the app provides one-stop access to Rdio, Spotify, and on iOS iTunes. For some reason, every time the Dutch maestro receives possession, the pass button becomes defective.


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    Guide Glee : le guide du série-addict (Arts, littérature et spectacle) (French Edition)

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