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Researchers Detect “Deep Groundwater” on Mars

Mars February 10, Moon and Mars Digging deep valleys on Mars February 10, Tharsis Ridge Scaling the Martian heights May 23, Moon and Mars A long period of quiet on Mars October 16, Looking for Canals Looking for Martian canals August 3, Moon and Planets Climbing through Martian history February 28, Moon and Mars Drying out some Martian gullies November 5, Martian Tsunami Churning up the Martian ocean August 3, Moon and Mars Boiling up an avalanche July 13, Mars Opposition A planet makes its own skin crawl May 18, Moon and Mars Some of the last Martian lakes March 27, Ocean Lost A massive ocean on the planet Mars June 3, Moon and Mars Warming up a cold planet March 20, Moon and Mars Asteroids take aim at Mars January 21, Target Zone November 24, Icy Layers June 7, High and Low on Mars May 23, Dusty Skies April 7, Icy Mars January 14, On the Downslope July 24, However, they were aware that something like this was a possibility.

Tests conducted at JPL suggest the probe should be able to work its way around small rocks and through layers of pebbles. Engineers had hoped that would be happening now. But that attempt yielded little success, and the HP3 team decided to put the operation on hold while they brainstorm other strategies and test them out at JPL. Smrekar said team members are currently waiting to receive images and other data from the lander that will help them "better assess the situation.

Not all is lost, however. The probe itself still works fine, and researchers will take advantage of the break to collect the first round of data.

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The mole will measure how quickly a pulse of heat spreads through the Martian soil. It will also track changes in surface temperature when the moon Phobos passes overhead this week, eclipsing the sun and casting a shadow over the rusty surface.

This information will help scientists gauge the planet's heat flow more accurately if and when the mole is finally deployed as planned. InSight's team members still hope that will happen, but they know better than to take anything for granted.

Mars Express buzzes Phobos, one of the Red Planet's two tiny moons

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An abrupt elevation change of several kilometers seems to occur at the boundary. The interior of Mars is known only by inference from data about the surface and the bulk statistics of the planet.

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With no lateral plate motion, hot-spots under the crust stay in a fixed position relative to the surface. This, along with the lower surface gravity, may account for the Tharis bulge and its enormous volcanoes. There is no evidence of current volcanic activity. However, data from Mars Global Surveyor indicates that Mars very likely did have tectonic activity sometime in the past.

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At some time in the past there was clearly some sort of fluid on the surface. Most of these point to wet episodes that occurred only briefly and very long ago; the age of the erosion channels is estimated at about nearly 4 billion years. Confirmation of this interpretation would be a very big deal indeed! Valles Marineris was NOT created by running water. It was formed by the stretching and cracking of the crust associated with the creation of the Tharsis bulge.