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The itinerary and activities for each program remain the same at each location in Phuket.

"No Sanctuary"

Q: Do I need to make you aware of any medical condition? A: Yes, guests who are pregnant, wheelchair bound or suffer from any pre-existing condition are required to inform Elephant Jungle Sanctuary of their condition, you may need to sign a waiver stating that you are in good health, and that you understand you will be participating in a tour which involves large animals.

If you require a minivan one can be provided at an additional charge of 1, baht return, you must inform us at least 48 hours prior to you tour if you require this service. Q: Can my dietary requirements be accommodated?

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All dietary requirements and restrictions can be accommodated. If you are vegetarian or vegan, have any kind of food allergy, or any other specific dietary requirements, please advise us of this prior to the day of your visit. Q: What fitness level is needed to visit Elephant Jungle Sanctuary? Can I visit if I have mobility issues? A: All fitness levels are welcomed at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, however some of our locations require a moderate hiking ability. If you have mobility issues, please inform us of this prior to your visit, and we will ensure that you visit a location suited to your needs.

You will never be forced to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. Please note that unfortunately, none of our locations are currently wheelchair accessible. All ages are welcome at EJS. Please note that, to ensure the safety of young children and infants, close parental supervision is essential during any interaction with elephants.

We offer discounted rates for children and infants. Q: How much luggage can I bring? A: You are welcome to bring a day pack or small bag. If you wish to bring a suitcase or any additional luggage, please inform us of this prior to your visit.

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Alternatively, you may store your luggage at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary office for the duration of your visit General Enquiries. Q: What is your Privacy Policy? A: All personal details provided by customers are used for contact and booking and, if necessary, insurance purposes only. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary will never share your personal information including, but not limited to, your name, email address, or phone number with a 3rd party for any reason without your express permission, unless required by law. For this reason, please do not contact Elephant Jungle Sanctuary to request the details of fellow visitors, as we are unable to provide you with this information.

Q: Do I need travel insurance? Q: Do I need any special vaccinations? A: No special vaccinations are needed to interact with elephants at any of our locations. Participation in these activities during your visit is encouraged, but by no means mandatory, and you will never be forced to do anything which makes you uncomfortable. Q: What languages do your guides speak? A: All of our guides speak fluent English and Thai. Q: What kind of food will be served?

How Trees Define the Headwaters Sanctuary

A: You will be provided with buffet-style traditional Thai food, including vegetarian options. All dietary restrictions can be accommodated, provided we are informed of them prior to your visit, and other beverages are available for purchase. Q: Is there WiFi or mobile phone service? A: There is limited mobile network service, and we currently do not have WiFi at any of our Naiton location but we do have in Kathu location.

Q: How many people are in each group? A: Maximum group capacity varies depending on the program you choose, and which location you visit. The number of people in your group will also depend on factors such as the infrastructure available, and the number of elephants at the location you visit, as well as the time of year. Q: What should I bring with me?

A: We recommend that you bring the following on the day of your visit: Bathing suit; Change of clothes; Walking shoes; Hat; Sunscreen; Insect repellent; Camera optional ; Personal medication if required. Q: Can you give me the contact details of a fellow guest?

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A: As stated in our Privacy Policy see above , we are unable to provide you with the contact details of any of our visitors. If you wish to share photos or otherwise stay in contact with any of your fellow guests, please ensure that you exchange contact details prior to leaving Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Can you help me? A: If you have forgotten anything during your visit, please call the office as soon as possible. However, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary accepts no responsibility for any items lost, damaged, or forgotten on our premises. We advise all visitors to thoroughly check their possessions prior to leaving Elephant Jungle Sanctuary after their visit.

A: We welcome you to leave a review, feedback, and suggestions on Facebook or Tripadvisor. A: You are welcome to bring a camera or other personal photographic equipment with you on your visit. However, unless your device is waterproof, we recommend that you do not use it during the mud activity or while bathing in the river.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary accepts no responsibility for any device or equipment lost or damaged at any of our locations. A: For all media enquiries, please email us directly at phuket elephantjunglesanctuary. Q: Will you provide a photographer for my visit?

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We offer a photography service at no extra charge. One of our professional photographers will accompany your group for the duration of your visit, and we will upload the photos taken by them to our Dropbox and then post the links on our Facebook page as soon as possible. Q: When will the photos from my visit be online? A: Your photos will generally be uploaded to our Facebook page within one 1 week from the date of your visit.

We endeavor to upload albums as soon as possible after the photos are taken, however, we occasionally encounter delays. Please do not be alarmed if photos from our other locations or albums from subsequent days at the location you visited are uploaded prior to the photos of your visit. Q: How can I find the photos of my visit? A: Please go to our Facebook page, scroll down the page until you see a post with the date and tour you attended. On the post will be a link to Dropbox, please click on the link and you will see all of the pictures for your tour.

If you have followed the above without success, and you have allowed at least one 1 week for the photos to be uploaded, please contact us via Facebook message, and we will attempt to assist you to locate your photos. If you contact us regarding your photos, your patience, courtesy, and respect is appreciated. We will do everything in our power to recover your photos, however in the event that we are not able to offer you the photos taken by our professional photographer of your visit, we ask for your understanding.

The pictures are held for three months and after that time they are deleted. We recommend that you download the images and back them up on a separate drive. Q: I dislike one or more photos of myself in the Facebook album from my visit. Will you remove them, please?

We will absolutely remove any photos of you that you are not comfortable with. Please go to the specific photo, copy the link and then send a message to our Facebook, and we will remove the image as soon as possible. Q: May I use a photo from my visit as my profile picture or share it on social media? You are free to use any of the images of your visit taken by our professional photographer. Please note, however, that these images are provided for personal use only, and are not to be used for commercial purposes without the prior express written consent of Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Q: The photos of my visit were never uploaded.

Am I entitled to a full or partial refund? We provide a professional photographer as a free additional service, in an attempt to enhance the experience of our guests, particularly those without access to waterproof cameras. The Church Is For Sinners 6. Sunshine Ward 7. Battery Humans Welcome to Cell Block it's 10 o'clock at night Can you see the rows of bodies twitching in their sleep And if you're hungry, if you fancy a bite The guards will be obliged to pick the fattest from the heap They drag the body through the filth by a cruelly mutated arm Up into the kitchen of the human factory farm It tries to scream but can't without a tongue One more slaughtered in the kitchen of the human factory farm [Recipe:] Take your body, grease it well and rip the kidneys out The sweat must be left on the skin, the throat allowed to bleed Prepare a stuffing, smash the jaw and jam it down the throat Then braise your beast for two hours for a healthy, filling treat Back in Cell Block the rest don't care if he's missing Two beasts fuck frantically, fearful of their slaughter One bloated specimen rolls off its mate and proceeds with pissing The shit drips between his legs as he pisses on his rotting daughter 2.

Control And in our ignorance we let them take control And in their wisdom they decreed that we should bow Their grips extending to encompass all the world The cages open to accomodate the crowd [Chorus:] When we put our lives into their hands We put our hands into their chains Refuse to aid them, refuse to hold their gun You must refuse to light the fuse, to activate their bomb 3. That's just regression Technology? That's nothing new "Advance! From this to what?

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Your empty eyes stare, cold and grey, look at that face! Machinery master? Sanctuary It's a race against time And there's nowhere to hide So they look for the sign In the sky [Chorus:] No sanctuary But its all a mistake It's already too late The key to our fate Is inside Yes it's hidden away From the light of the day In the minds of the Masters of men The damage is done So the suffering goes on With the aid of the Peoples consent 5.